Going Global for a Year? Yes please!

International Experience
Miami Dade College, Kendall Campus – May 2014

You’ll notice I’ll always talk about my foreign experience. Many people also, ask me how I got to go. Well, I’m about to share details of it.

From August 2013 to May 2014, I’ve been a part of the first Ivorian cohort to be on the  Community College Initiative Program, which is an exchange program, designed to provide participants with a non-degree, academic year program at a United States’s community college that will build participants’ technical skills and abilities.

Now I know it’s a lot to take in at first, so let me give you 5 main things to remember from that:

  • You Study and live in excellent conditions in the United States for 10 months,
  • You make friends with people from all around the world,
  • You get to learn about the U.S. way of life and you become an ambassador of Côte d’Ivoire, 
  • You improve on things such as time management, money management, self confidence and leadership abilities,
  • And you greatly improve your english!

Strongly appealing right? And what’s also nice is that, it’s FULLY funded by the United States Department of State!

Personnaly, I can definitely say that once you get in it, there’s a before and after you. The program taught me SO much on different levels. I developed much more open-mindedness as I got to interact and live everyday with people from different horizons (Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Brasil, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Papua (Indonesia), Spain, Ghana etc.), learned the value of social work and community development as I involved on community service activities and social events and I received an education the American way!

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Now that I’m back, I have to say that 3 years later, you never really forget the experience. It becomes a part of you and you try your best to share it with your community or at least help them as much as you can.

We, the alumni have big plans these coming years and you can be a part of the adventure too!

Follow us on Facebook here for more on who we are, our activities and how you can join. 😀

Arizona – January 2014



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